Exciting news! We’re starting the rolling push of a big set of updates to all BuyerGenomics accounts this week!

The April 2018 update brings awesome enhancements to existing capabilities and new features that we’ve gotten great feedback from our users on.

Of course, if you have any questions about the updates, be sure to visit the BuyerGenomics Knowledge Base or reach out to your Account Manager.

UPDATE! The Enhanced BG Universal Touch Tracking System is Here!

More than ever, marketers are wrestling with email, the website, direct mail/catalog, display, social media, search… It’s challenging to appreciate which channels are generating the most engagement and sales — and more importantly, which channels your (new & existing) best customers are using and transacting when “touched.”

The BG Universal Touch Tracking API makes it easy in our multi-touch world to capture behaviors, new insights, and lever new targeting capabilities in just a few clicks. Here are a few examples of customer interactions the Universal Touch Tracking API records in real-time:

  1. Visit your website from a Facebook ad, consume a specific landing page
  2. Open, click, and visit the website from one of your emails
  3. Add an item to the cart, remove and item from the cart, or size of cart
  4. Use a PURL from a direct mail piece and make a purchase

You can view every touch and every customer engagement via the new BG Touch Stream and easily create and deploy campaigns using specific types of Touches by building a segment in the Advanced Segment Builder:


The combination of these higher engagement touches with customer value intelligence makes higher-performing campaigns easier to assemble with a few clicks.


NEW! Drag & Drop Prospect Upload

BG was built to focus on addressable individuals we have meaningful intelligence to leverage. However, your prospects also can be enhanced into smarter segments

You can add new prospects to your BG Database more easily than ever. All of your data & marketing executed within one platform? In a word… Yup.

Users can now upload and deliver markedly smarter prospect campaigns, in addition to customer campaigns, directly in BuyerGenomics. Getting started is easier than ever with the drag-and-drop Prospect Uploader.


All your prospects need is a First Name, Last Name, and Email before they can be uploaded and ingested into BuyerGenomics, and they can be enhanced with lifestyle, income, urbanacity, and other powerful attributes you can use to target the right message to activate Prospects.

NEW! In-App Email Flash Report Development

Email Flash Reports gives you the programmatic ability to create unlimited custom reporting right within BuyerGenomics, using resources at low effort that are available today.

With just basic Javascript, users can create new “Flash Reports” in a dedicated code editor inside BG to access customer data from any Advanced Segment. The list of available data includes:

  • Buyer Lifecycle Analytics
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Smart Segments
  • First Name, Last Name, Phone, Address, Customer Type
  • Transaction Data
  • UTM Data
  • BG Derived Data

All you have to do is build the report, view it, and schedule when you want the report to be delivered. On any cadence you choose, BG will deliver fresh intel right to your inbox.

Need help? Just contact your Account Manager.

UPDATE! Refreshed Campaign Builder

Schedule an outbound email Campaign from the new & improved Campaign Builder and deploy to any advanced segment on a schedule of your choosing.

When you're browsing your Advanced Segments, both System Driven (for example, BG’s “New to Brand”) or custom Advanced Segments you created… you’ll notice a new action button “Deploy Campaign”, which lets you deploy right to your specialized target.

The feedback has been great in the beta test, and it's never been easier to create and deploy smarter email marketing.