• New matching intelligence has been added that assigns each specific touch from your marketing history to a unique transaction/customer 

    • Attributing touches to transactions is either on a last touch basis or a custom look back window of your choosing.

  • You can customize the period following a touch. However, if touch windows overlap, the Channel will be assigned to a transaction on a last touch basis.


Any transaction made within a predetermined time period following a touch will be assigned to a single channel. For example, if a customer makes a transaction within 6 weeks of receiving a catalog, then this specific transaction will have a Catalog channel assigned to it.

  • Depending on the touch history you provide, touches will be translated to UTM parameters.

    • Source - BG, Google, etc

    • Medium - Email, Catalog, Social, etc

    • Campaign Name - “Spring 2015”, “Winter Essentials”, etc

    • Campaign Content - Creatives, Drop ID

    • Campaign Term - List names, Segments name, etc

    • Created Date - Date when the touch was started or created, mail date, etc.

  • At a minimum, touches should be inserted in a file containing both PII information and the date of creation. From there, BuyerGenomics scans these customers and detects transactions that occurred within the period of time assigned to that specific touch.

  • The report will only show transactions exclusively assigned to touch channels

  • You may select a range to identify the following:

    • Prospects who responded to your touch.

    • Existing customers whose purchasing behavior was influenced by your touches.