Improved Data Ingestion

We improved the dexterity of data ingestion.  Loading files is faster, more reliable, and more intuitive.

BuyerGenomics can now recognize any format changes, planned or unplanned, to your data files and comfortably support these changes.

We made a huge investment in ensuring the integrity of your data.  Our advanced file mapping now ensures that the correct fields populate the right report in BuyerGenomics, automatically ...even if your field names were inadvertently changed!

BuyerGenomics can now ingest promotion history automatically.


What’s in a Name? A Lot!

 Your “Transaction Reports” have been renamed more adeptly “Sales Analytics”

The Unmatched Transactions can now be found under Data Ingestion Analytics, Powered by SuperMatch Algorithms - BG displays the “Successfully Matched” transactions while being transparent as to how much of these transactions are recognized and how many are unmatched.


Promotion Channel 

BuyerGenomics is saving all your promotional campaign names, dates and touches - BG keeps a record of each customer who has been “touched” by a promotion, such as Direct Mail, Catalog, Social, etc.

The more promo data you pass to BuyerGenomics, the more touches will be recorded.  However this will not be visible on the interface as of yet - coming up in the Q1 release, when you will be able to segment based on promo touches.

In the next update to Promotion Channel, a transaction will be attributed to a promo touch, based on the PII and a specific time frame and some analytics, too.  This will be visible in the promotion channel report without having to devise your own attribution.