Search Term Report

The Search Term report will allow you to see which search terms triggered sales/transactions.  This report will show each search query that resulted in a transaction.  Furthermore, the Search Terms will be classified into Brand and Non-Brand Terms.  You will be able to assess the potential of a Search term based on the lifetime value of the customer, based on his subsequent transactions.

You will also know which search terms, specifically the non-brand ones, are bringing in New Customers.  This will enable you to scale your Net New Acquisitions via paid search profitably.


Next Most Likely Purchase Date

BuyerGenomics can now determine, to some degree, who is most likely to make a purchase soon or who missed his expected purchasing window.  How much time elapsed between successive purchases affects or determines consumer’s brand loyalty. This variable will be available in Segmentation and Target modeling where you will be able to determine the “Next Most Likely” purchase.  This is an important component of the RFM.  A version 1 will be more of a predictive analysis where we will score one time buyers and repeat buyers on their likelihood to buy again.

We can now calculate the Average Number of days between Transactions on an individual level based on their life to date number of transactions.  This will inform on the cadence of consumers on average and thus will help to predict their “Next Most Likely Purchase Date”.

For the one time buyers, their “Next Most Likely Purchase Date” will be one year from their Last Transaction Date.

Promotion Channel

The promotion channel reporting will start as a version 1.  BuyerGenomics will show the different Promotion channels used by the client and the number of transactions associated with those channels.  Promotion channels such as Email, Search, Direct Mail, Catalog etc will be represented in the report.


BuyerGenomics 24/7 Online Support

You can now submit a ticket to our new BuyerGenomics support platform and report any issue or help needed.

You can now tell us how we can help you Make Success with BuyerGenomics!  Soon to be followed by the BuyerGenomics Knowledge Base.

Reports Export Button

You can now export any of your favorite Transaction reports to Excel - a copy of your report will be available for you to manipulate and customize at length.

Year over Year Comparison on the Dashboard

The Dashboard will now display Trend Analysis, showing comparative data versus the previous year’s data.  On any selected time period drop down, the dashboard will show the corresponding data and the previous year’s number with a color coded Percentage increase or decrease, giving you an instant insight of your present performance over last year’s.

It should be noted that for any “Current” period selected (Current Year, Current Quarter, Current Month, Current Week), the data will not be complete as some of that period will be in the future.

Also another important reminder is that sometimes, based on the lifetime range of your data in BG, there will be incomplete previous year’s data  - this fact has to be kept in mind when looking at comparative data.


Customer Overview - LTD Transaction details 

You now have a complete overview of each customer and his life to date transactions.  In the Consumer overview, when you dive deeper in the details of each customer, you now have their transactions listed from most recent and up to their very first transaction, with dates of transactions, Total Revenue, their Affiliation, # of Items they purchased in each transaction and you can preview exactly what they bought when you click on “Show Items”.