A whole lot of updates are landing now to enhance your experience with BuyerGenomics as you drive your very best marketing more intelligently and with less execution effort. Take a look at what the January brings with it below!

NEW! Deploy Email Campaigns to Any Segment in BuyerGenomics

Still using an ESP? Your email deserves better!

Leverage the power of BG’s transaction, demographic & predictive analytics to improve your email performance by directly deploying personalized email campaigns to any segment you build in BuyerGenomics.

That’s right! No external ESP required, you can send the email from your BuyerGenomics account!

Once AutoPilot is active for your account, users can create, schedule, and deploy email campaigns to any segment you build in BuyerGenomics.

Look how easy it is!


NEW! Track, Measure, and Improve your MVB's Performance!

From the point you have acquired a new Most Valuable Buyer (MVB), BuyerGenomics now tracks their performance throughout their lifetime with your brand.

User can now track the performance of New MVB Acquisition campaigns in real time and more importantly, track the value of the customers you are acquiring relative to the median of your database today.

Quickly see how these new customers spend more and more often relative to new customers acquired during the same period.