A Campaign is defined as a series of creatives setup to be emailed based on a start date or # of days after a BLC movement or AutoPilot Action has occurred. You cannot “save” a campaign if any of the required fields are missing. To setup a campaign, you will require the following:

  • *Campaign Name - should be a compact, unique name
  • *Short Description - will be shown next to the name of the campaign every time we talk about this campaign
  • Detailed Description - description should contain details about campaign, so you can understand what the campaign is in the future.
  • *Campaign Tag - these represent the types of campaigns: BLC, Promotion, Social, Updates, Forum, Newsletter, Support, Test
  • *Campaign Messages - a campaign phase has a Date (days offset and time) and at least one Creative or more.
  • Campaign Prioritization - this has a default option that selects the newer campaign over any existing ones.



There are 3 types of email status for each visitor in BG:

  • Campaign Subscription Status - you can be subscribed or unsubscribed from a campaign
  • Campaign Tag Status - you can be unsubscribed from a specific type of campaign - for example Newsletter.
  • Global Suppression Status - your status will be “opt out” for all campaigns and you will never be sent any communication by the brand.


We will use a set list of tags (that will be “required” when creating a Campaign):

  • BLC Lifecycle change
  • Branding
  • Regular Promotion
  • Sale Promotion
  • Mark Down Promotion
  • Clearance Promotion
  • Limited Time Event
  • Holiday
  • Co-op Promotion
  • Abandoned Carts (not available now)



These tags are required for the following reasons:

  • When you want to select a Campaign for a specific BLC movement you want only the BLC specific tags to show up.  This helps to manage an increasing list of campaigns in a drop down campaign selection.
  • The campaign tags will also help a subscriber in managing his email preferences - keep his subscription for promotion emails but not newsletter emails or pick a maximum # of promotion emails per week he wants to receive.  This will be available in a later release.
  • Campaign tags will help manage Unsubscribe - the subscriber will have the option of unsubscribing from a specific campaign or a type of campaign (campaign tag) or from any communications from the brand.

Edit or Create a Campaign

We will only edit or create a campaign with the BLC tag so that only BLC tagged campaigns will show up in the dropdown of campaigns.

What happens if a Campaign is ongoing and there are edits to it?  Changes in creatives or rules or dates? 

  • The changes will be applied, going forward, to any subscribers who are not already assigned to this campaign.



You can unsubscribe from a specific Campaign(s) or Campaign Tag(s) or be unsubscribed as “Opt Out” and globally suppressed.

Campaigns Conflict/Overlap Scenarios

When a subscriber has multiple campaigns assigned to him, the system needs to know how to deal with this situation and rules have to be followed in terms of what needs to stop, start or continue. We can use Campaign Tags to have a hierarchy in terms of what class/type of campaigns will have priority over any other. We still have the issue of multiple campaigns - within the same type of campaign - that a subscriber can be assigned to.

  1. When 2 identical campaigns (same campaign ID) are assigned to different AutoPilot Actions, for example, Campaign X is selected for BLC Movements Faders to At Risk and for At Risk to Inactives.
  2. When a subscriber moves to a new lifestage which will start a brand new campaign B while he/she has a Campaign A still ongoing.
  3. When a subscriber moves to a new lifestage which will start a brand new campaign B while he/she has a Campaign A still ongoing - where campaigns A & B are almost identical with maybe different subject lines or offers.
  4. When a subscriber is assigned a Campaign which overlaps with prior ongoing campaigns of a different class - example a BLC Movement and a Promotion campaign.
  5. When a subscriber is assigned multiple campaigns based on which segments he belongs.