The June 2016 BuyerGenomics Release is rolling out to clients. Now it's even easier to dive into your customer data and gain actionable insights. 

BuyerGenomics Predictive Segments 

BuyerGenomics Predictive Targeting and segmentation is now even more actionable. A new more intuitive capability enables users to select who you want to target and how aggressive you require the predictive influence to be.

Predictive Segmentation provides a look at the most likely future of your relationships, equipping you with insight on which customers are most likely to become more valuable to your brand, who is likely to buy again, and when! You can strip out the waste and low value touches in your customer relationship, focusing on those who are ready and willing to engage -- at the right time.


Predictive Targeting and Segmentation is now organized into 3 major dimensions:

  1. Predicted Spending: tells you how much is a specific customer likely to spend over time.
  2. Predicted Life Stage: shows you when is my customer likely to spend with my brand again, and when are they at risk of attrition
  3. Category Prediction: informs you the products a customer is predicted to be most likely to buy.

Type-Ahead Functionality in Advanced Segments

BuyerGenomics knows your data & can "predict" what your looking for as you type! We have dramatically simplified the user experience in Advanced Segment Builder by adding a Type-Ahead functionality.


There are Two Aspects of the Type-Ahead Functionality in the Advanced Segment Builder:

Software Based

In the Advanced Segment Builder, fields will be auto populated when you select your matching rule. Examples:

  • Receipt: Transaction Date now has a calendar dropdown to easily select your dates.
  • Address: Zip Code & State - the typeahead will populate the dropdowns accordingly.

Client Data Based

In the Advanced Segment Builder, Client specific fields will be auto populated when you select your matching rule. Examples: 

  • Receipt: Transaction Affiliation - this field will contain store names, affiliation, branch or franchise specific to each client..
  • Receipt: Product Attributes - will depend on data provided by client and what they consider as custom attributes. Attributes will be different and specific to each client, i.e. Designers, Issue Date, Colors, etc.