The December 2018 release of BuyerGenomics V5.7.0 is a major update, including features such as A/B Testing with automated rollout, and new campaign drop level reports in Campaign X-Ray.

A/B Test

This feature enables users to:

  • Set the test size for a 50/50 split test for 2 creative versions
  • Automatically evaluate the results and send emails to the rest of selected segment(s) using the winning creative version.

A/B Testing option switch is on “2. Choose Creative” screen under [ Add a Drop ], where:

  • If A/B split test switch is turned on (only available if “1. Select Target” step is completed), up to 2 creative versions can be chosen for the test.
  • With only 1 creative version, a user can still conduct an A/B test between 2 different subject lines.
  • [ Configure Test ] button shows up if A/B split test switch is on.


Test size can be set in 10% increment by moving through a slide scale. 

  • Selected test universe will be divided into 2 equal groups for 2 creative versions.
  • If 100% is selected, 2 creatives will be deployed in 2 drops. There will be no third drop for the winning creative in this case.

Winners are determined by one of the following:

  • Number of Opens
  • Number of Clicks
  • Click-through Rate (Default)
  • Number of Conversions

Test duration between 2-24 hours can be selected.

  • Default setting is 4 hours.

Scheduling screen remains the same, but “Schedule Later” option is disabled in the A/B Testing mode.

A/B Testing creates 3 drops automatically: 2 for A/B split for testing, and the third for non-test group with the winning creative.

  • If multiple segments are used in the target, then “each” segment will have 3 drops as described above.
  • These drops will appear on the New Campaign screen and Campaign Analytics.


Drop Report

Campaign X-Ray has a new tab to display each drop within a campaign.

This will be useful for campaigns with distinctly different drops, and A/B testing scenarios.

In addition to Segment, Creative, and Subject Line (in a full view), Drop ID (for easy identification of drops) and Drop Data/Time are displayed.


BuyerGenomics Universal Touch System Captures Subscribe/Unsubscribe Status

Now BG’s Universal Touch System is able to capture explicit subscription/unsubscription from any mechanism on your site with a small change to your existing setup.


Flash Report Update: Filtering by segment added

Now Flash Reports allows filtering by segment, as well as by date range.


Flash Reports for Customer Acquisition Value

Are you acquiring more valuable customers now than you had in the past? New Flash Report by Acquisition Months displays key metrics such as rolling 6- or 12-month dollar value, percentage of returning customers, and average spending per transaction. Users can now examine spending trends of subsequent values of customers after the initial acquisition.


Email Template Gallery

Now you can keep all your frequently used email templates in an easy-to-access gallery, so that you can create emails from the templated base in seconds (literally).