The February 2019 release of BuyerGenomics V5.8.0 is a web touch-centric update, including the new beta version of Channel X-Ray and BuyerGenomics Insights.

Channel X-Ray (Beta)

This feature provides a unique view of the web touch data of visitors who came to the website. 

  • The reported figures are based on “Last-Click” touch data collected for “identified” visitors and buyers.
  • New Channel variable is created based on Medium and Source variables collected through the BuyerGenomics Universal Touch System.
  • Unlike Campaign X-Ray reports, the Channel X-Ray report includes data from other third-party ESPs, as well as BG ESP.

Channel X-Ray reports display the following metrics: 

  • # Sessions: Number of sessions resulted from clicks on the channel in question
  • # Conversions: Number of conversions (i.e., transactions) resulted from the related sessions
  • Total Revenue Amount: Dollar amount generated from conversions.  
  • Average Order Value
  • $ per Session
  • Index values for AOV and $ per Session: Index values over 120 are highlighted in green, and values of 80 are marked in red.

Channel X-Ray includes four new reports on separate tabs: 

  • Channel: Proprietary channel variable created based on combination of Medium and Source, providing concise version for reporting and attribution.


Medium: Medium as coded in UTM tags by the users.


Source: Source as coded in UTM tags by the users.


Campaign: Campaign as coded in UTM tags by the users.


Each report has a clickable drilldown into the most relevant data.

  • Click on entries in the Channel Report leads to related Source
  • Click on entries in the Medium Report leads to Campaign
  • Click on entries in the Source Reports leads to Medium
  • Click on entries in the Campaign Reports leads to Medium


Attribution method for these reports is “Last-Click Attribution”, not “Lookback Attribution” for Campaign X-Ray reports, which is dedicated for outbound email campaigns.   User-selectable multiple attribution methods will be introduced in future releases.

BuyerGenomics Insights (Beta)

BuyerGenomics now autonomously generates intelligent and actionable insights based on your data.

This feature will be added to more key reports in BG in the near future.


Email and Web Touch data consolidation

In preparation for additional attribution methodologies, email and web touch data are physically merged when there are direct links.

For example, when a user clicks through an email, the resulting web touch data is now appended to the email touch data. 

Historical email and touch data are consolidated to reflect this change, as well.

Web touch data resulting from an email click can now be viewed directly in the customer’s email touch data.