Immediate Business Insights

This tool offers an instant assessment of how your business has performed over any time period. This date range can span any period you like, from the past week, to a particular quarter, or even over the entire lifetime of your database.

Trend Analysis

The dashboard’s Trend Analysis gives you this year’s data along with the percentage change compared to last year. The dashboard will show the corresponding data and the previous year’s number with a color-coded percentage increase or decrease. This gives you an instant insight of your current performance over last year’s.

The Year over Year (YoY) comparison will be shown if:

  • You have data in both this year’s and last year’s time frames. (We must have data for both periods to compare them.)

  • The selected period is a year in length (or smaller).

Database Realization

This section visualizes through charts both the data you’ve provided to BG as well as intelligence that BG has appended on its own.

By selecting date range shown at the beginning of this article, you can change the time period associated with each of the charts. 

The only exceptions are the First Transaction Date and Last Transaction Date charts - these will always show the entire lifetime of your database.


This tab offers a comprehensive breakdown of who your customers are and how your customers have performed by separating them into different metrics. 

These include:

  • Last Transaction Date

  • Number of Transactions

  • Dollar Amount Per Customer

  • First Transaction Date

  • Buyers by State

  • Customers by Gender

  • Customers by Type


This tab gives a quick overview of your transaction history, including the number of transactions by month and by channel, as well as the total dollar amount by channel. 


This tab displays the amount of items/products your brand has sold, dividing them by different levels of categories (depending upon how closely you want to analyze the metrics), as well as total units and dollar amount by SKU.