Welcome to the April 2019 Update!

Among a number of updates and improvements, we’re releasing an entirely new capability inspired by BG users’ appetite for revenue growth and easy-to-use, “laser targeting” we’re introducing the Opportunity Radar.

Opportunity Radar identifies critical opportunities and/or risks leads you to the right action using BG’s “CRM Six” Strategies. Getting the right person and the right message or offer constitutes 70% of the efficacy of a campaign. BG Machine Intelligence creates these targets for your unique brand and customer base, which make strategy-driven CRM easier than ever. 

You can create & deploy campaigns right from the Opportunity Radar, generate direct mail files, and generate look-alike targets for net-new customer acquisition on Facebook and Google Ads.

Opportunity Radar

Based on one of the core marketing problems you wish to attack, BuyerGenomics Opportunity Radar does the analysis and targeting for you. Then “Gene” (our Machine Intelligence) provides the ideal target, and suggests the correct messaging direction, so you can execute better campaigns in just a few moments.


Retail "CRM Six" Core Revenue & Margin Growth Strategies


CRM Strategy #1: Maximize Lifetime Value of MVBs

Many businesses improperly identify their Most Valuable Buyers, so Opportunity Radar uses “Gene”(BuyerGenomics Machine Intelligence) to create a high resolution cohort of who your MVB’s are down to the individual level, automatically.
Targeting these rarefied, high value, high potential and active buyers we can now focus on and deliver unique acknowledgement and appreciation touches. Gene provides key metrics and an approach to engaging in specific relationship touches with these customers to grow and retain them --maximizing their lifetime value.

CRM Strategy #2: Rescue MVBs in Decline

Just because they are they are your most valuable buyers that does not mean that they are your most loyal or active.
“Rescuing your MVBs in Decline”, means focusing on individuals who drive the majority of your businesses revenue. It also presents context and helpful direction on the offer and messaging that will resonate with your Most Valuable Buyers who are in need of “Rescue” now.

CRM Strategy #3: Convert Trial Buyers to Repeat Purchasers

Every customer goes through a critical trial window where they shop the brand for the first time. As they evolve their feelings and beliefs about their experience and your brand… we have a crucial opportunity to move them to loyal buyers. Since more than 70% of trial buyers do not make from trial to the even earliest stages of loyalty, oceans of revenue are left on the table.
CRM Strategy #3 converts trial buyers by highlighting your brand’s product breadth and depth, for example. Gene also provides context message and offers direction for this target.

CRM Strategy #4: Drive Bounceback Purchases

When customers purchase they are in a buying mood and have your brand at the top of their mind. There is revenue that is left on the table when these buyers are not shown more of your brand
Strategy 4 capitalizes on this opportunity by identifying those who are in the purchasing mindset to generate additional revenue.

CRM Strategy #5: Multi-buyer Appreciation

MVBs are not the only customers in your database that should feel special. There are high-value potential MVBs in your database that currently get treated like all the other buyers.
Strategy 5 targets those high potential buyers and nurtures them with appreciative messaging to convert them into MVBs.


CRM Strategy #6: Rescue Faders & At-Risk

Every second there are buyers in your database that are missing their purchase windows and are fading in loyalty.
Strategy 6 works in conjunction with BuyerGenomics AutoPilot to ensure anyone who is salvageable becomes an active buyer again. 

Custom Target Selection - Complete Freedom

In addition to the “CRM Six” with proven strategies, you have complete freedom to point, click & build any Opportunity Radar target you wish. When you select one of the cells in the radar, a tool tip appears with intelligence and counts for that unique target.


Look-Alike Targeting for Google & Facebook

Export a lookalike target pre-formatted for either Google or Facebook, or download a standard lookalike file for other systems.

Postal Mail File with Household-level Deduplication 

Deploy Postcards or a Catalog using mail file that is already deduplicated on the household-level.

Additional Dynamic Personalization for Email Content

BGID - you can now use your customers’ BuyerGenomics identifier to launch special campaigns, or pair it with your CMS to create unique discount codes.

BuyerGenomics continually grows smarter and more capable. We’re passionate and excited about delivering the future of marketing for you — a future driven by machine learning, customer intelligence, autonomous execution, and most importantly —driven by your Customer.