Welcome to the May 2019 Update!

This is a small update that adds the Prospect Activation AutoPilot Action and database tools for users to manage customer and visitor subscription status for all of email, direct mail, and phone.

New AutoPilot Action: New Prospect Activation

AutoPilot, in conjunction with SuperMatch and the Universal Touch System, will now automatically detect any new prospects that come to your site and subscribe with their email, and will autonomously send the New Prospect Activation AutoPilot series that you build out in your BuyerGenomics account. 


AutoPilot doesn’t need specific email signup forms to work - email subscription can be detected through email signup forms or account creations.

Subscription Database Management

Any individual can have a status of 

  • s (for subscribed)
  • u (for unsubscribed)
  • a (for abuse)
  • b (for bounced)
  • or blank if unknown
  • In your upload file, use
    • e_status to update your customers’ email status.
    • p_status to update your customers’ phone status. 
    • m_status to update your customers’ direct mail status.
  • Use the Upload Prospects screen to manage subscription statuses of all three contact methods: email, direct mail, and phone.


  • If you are uploading a list of new email subscribers, choose to activate the New Prospect Activation AutoPilot Action on upload. 
    • BuyerGenomics will automatically deduplicate based on your currently existing database and will only send to subscribed prospects that are truly new.

BuyerGenomics continually grows smarter and more capable. We’re passionate and excited about delivering the future of marketing for you — a future driven by machine learning, customer intelligence, autonomous execution, and most importantly — driven by your customer.