There are times where you may want to use your customer or prospect data outside of BuyerGenomics - in custom reporting (if you are not using Flash Reports), to create graphs or charts for presentations, or simply to get a hands-on look at your customer data.

Whatever your reason, exporting is a simple and straightforward process.

Exporting Basic Information

First, go to the segment builder by clicking My Segments and view the segment you would like to export. Then, click Export at the upper right hand corner, and select Standard at the top of the drop down list.


A basic segment export contains basic customer information like first name, last name, email address, gender, and BuyerGenomics ID (BGID) for each individual in the segment.

Exporting Additional Data Fields

BuyerGenomics will automatically add any data from the TransactionsScores, and Clusters fields if they are present in your segmentation criteria. If you want to add additional data fields to your export, simply add them to your segments.

For example, if you want to also export your customers’ last transaction dates, click the Transactions dimension and select “Last Transaction Date”. Then select the time frame over which you would like to view the last transaction date. You have a number of choices to choose from, or if you want to add the last transaction date to all individuals in your export, simply select, “Was Whenever.”


Now that this is added to your segment, the last transaction date will be viewable from your next export.

You can add more as well, such as your customers’ last and first transaction dates.


You can then export this additional data in the same way you perform a basic segment export - by selecting the “Standard Export” option. 

Now that you have your data in hand, you can run your own reports, create charts or graphs for presentations, or any number of analyses. 

For more information on segmentation, check out this article.