Templates are an easy way to design your creative marketing content very quickly. Particularly, they allow you to easily create new email messages that keep a consistent brand look and feel to them so you don’t have to remake the same framework every time.

And that makes templates particularly useful - you should always aim to keep your brand emails consistent with your with your brand image. Elements like header, footer, and CSS should not change very often.

Creating a New Template

To create a new email template in BuyerGenomics, go to Email Campaigns, Creatives, then click on the Templates button. Here you’ll find your Template Gallery - a list of all templates that exist in your account that are ready for email use.

By default, your account will start pre-loaded with some mobile responsive templates already. You can either use them, modify them, or upload your own. 

Using the Uploader

To upload your own template, click on the New Creative button, then upload your HTML or ZIP file using the Drag and Drop uploader.


From Scratch

To build your own template within BuyerGenomics, click New Creative, then select the New Template option at the bottom.


Converting an Existing Email into a Template

You can also turn any existing email into a template. To do so, check the box at the bottom right marking the creative as a template.


This saves your creative in the template gallery for you.

Using Your Template

Now that your templates are saved to your account, the next step is to modify them for your campaign.

Go to your template gallery, click “Use” on your desired template, and insert your image.


You can also create a new email from your default template using the “Use Drag & Drop Builder” or “Use WYSIWYG Editor” options of the “New Creative” button.

  • The “Use Drag & Drop Builder” will create a new template from your default template in the email builder, allowing you to drag and drop elements and images right into your email.


  • The WYSIWYG editor lets you edit your HTML directly, in case you want custom designs from your default template. 

Setting A Default Template

Your default template is the template that will be loaded by default whenever you create a new email using the “New Creative” button. You can set which creative is your default template so that your emails always use the most up-to-date template.

You can set a different default template for the Drag and Drop builder and for the WYSIWYG editor.

To set your default template, navigate to your template gallery, and simply click the “Make Default” button on the template you wish to set as your default template.


Now you are ready to create and use your own email templates in BuyerGenomics.