Welcome to the August 2019 Update!

This update introduces two huge additions to BuyerGenomics: the new Drag & Drop Creative Builder and the autonomous Window Shopping AutoPilot Action. The intelligent Window Shopping AutoPilot Action detects and intercepts individuals that show high intent with highly relevant, highly personalized emails to maximize the chance of a sale. 

The Drag & Drop Creative Builder lets you drag and place different email modules for easy insertion of images, animated gifs, videos, and other content - including all the creative content you’ll need for your Window Shopping creative. (You can set it up in literally minutes.) This update also simplifies the campaign builder, so you can get to deploying your campaigns - and generating revenue - faster. 

  • New Drag & Drop Email Builder
    • Drag & Drop Builder allows you to use common creative elements to build unique and on-brand emails in minutes.
    • WYSIWIG Editor allows you to modify your HTML and create custom emails.
    • See what your email will look like on mobile and desktop from right in the app - or keep using the Test button to send yourself your emails.
    • No futzing or coding required - just choose the content and style you want, and you’re ready to start retargeting.
  • Choose between WYSIWIG Editor and Drag & Drop Builder
  • Drag & Drop your images directly from your computer to your creative
  • In-app Mobile and Desktop Previewer

Custom-built Elements for Abandoned Cart and Window Shopping content.


  • Custom Default Templates
    • You can now set your default template, so that when you create a new creative, you always start from your most used creative - reducing the time it takes for you to get sending. 

You can set a separate custom default template for both the WYSIWYG editor and the Drag & Drop Builder.


  • Simplified Campaign Builder
    • Fewer steps to getting your campaign launched - and generating revenue. 
    • The extra steps are still available in the Advanced Settings for power users that still want to use them.
  • Window Shopping
    • Window Shopping is a brand new AutoPilot Action that automatically targets individuals that show intent with the most relevant products, based on their individual browse history on your  site.


  • Set up and deploy within minutes using the new Drag & Drop Builder and the customizable Window Shopping tools.


  • No need to upload your products - BuyerGenomics will dynamically insert the best, most relevant products into each individual’s Window Shopping email.
  • Window Shopping taps into your already existing Facebook and Twitter implementations to learn more about what your customers are viewing.

BuyerGenomics continually grows smarter and more capable. We’re passionate and excited about delivering the future of marketing for you — a future driven by machine learning, customer intelligence, autonomous execution, and most importantly — driven by your customer.