BuyerGenomics’ Sales Analytics feature allows you to view a wide range of customer and transaction information in real time. You can access detailed transaction histories of any group of customers, and segment them according to a variety of conditions. 

Types of Sales Reports

The Sales Analytics dashboard is located under the Business Intelligence tab. At the top are three tabs that allow you to choose from specific ranges and scopes for your custom report.

The report selector allows you to choose from the following reports:

  • Number of Transactions per Customer

  • Dollar amount per Customer

  • Dollar amount per Transactions

  • % Discount

  • Payment Method

  • Transaction Channel

  • Affiliation, Store, Branch, or Franchise

  • Customer Types

  • Lifestages

  • Clusters

Selecting a Time Frame

After choosing your report, you can Select an Event, where you can pinpoint transactions that occurred on specific holidays or special sale periods like Black Friday, Christmas, or New Years for any year over the past decade.

Alternatively, select a date range instead of an event for when the transactions occurred. This date range can span any period you like, from the past week, to a particular quarter, or even over the entire lifetime of your database.

Viewing and Exporting

Once you have finished setting your conditions, click the “Get Report” button. This will access your customer base and present you with a comprehensive breakdown of your requested buyer data.

You can also export and download your findings onto your computer for further analysis via a spreadsheet. 


Now, you can not only see who your best buyers are, but also where, when, and how they spend for a more complete assessment of your marketing performance.