BuyerGenomics’ Crosstab Engine feature allows you to view two separate transaction history metrics cross-analyzed in a single table. This way, you can see how different factors tie together, and use their relationship data to inform future marketing campaigns.

Choosing Your Metrics

The Crosstab Engine is part of your Business Intelligence tab. At the top are two dropdowns where you can choose to cross the following metrics:

  • $ Amount per Transaction

  • % Discount

  • Payment Method

  • Transactions Channel

  • Affiliation, Store, Branch or Franchise

  • Customer Type

Selecting Your Timeframe

After choosing your metrics, you can Select an Event, where you can pinpoint transactions that occurred on specific holidays or special sale periods like Black Friday, Christmas, or New Years for any year over the past decade.

Alternatively, select a date range instead of an event for when the transactions occurred. This date range can span any period you like, from the past week, to a particular quarter, or even over the entire lifetime of your database.

Viewing Your Report

Once you have chosen your two metrics and selected your timeframe, click the green “Get Report” Button to view your results. You can also choose to flip rows and columns at any time.


Below is an overview of $ Amount per Transaction crossed by % Discount:

Below is an assessment of Transaction Channel crossed by Payment Method:

Each total at the bottom represents the unique number of customers per category, while each customer may belong to multiple categories.

Use Cases

Some common use cases where you may want to use the Crosstab Engine include: 

  • Determine which discount amount drives the highest AOV.
  • See how much different types of customers spend during seasonal holidays.
  • Assess which store locations generate the most valuable transactions.
  • See if certain customer types use similar payment methods - and if that is a significant indicator of future value.
  • Gauge how certain customer types respond to different discounts.