Your Most Valuable Buyers (MVBs) are the customers that spend the most and most often. This select group of buyers tend to drive the majority of profits for any business.

Getting to know your MVBs is among the most critical things a brand can do to sustain their value and increase their profits. “Stacking the deck” with high spending, high-potential customers has the power to transform every business by growing revenue and profit both consistently and methodically.

Therefore, the most important activity a brand must undertake is to acquire net new MVBs.

Gauging MVB Performance vs. Average Customers

The tables in this tab show how your MVBs are performing compared to your median customers. You can use MVB Analytics to understand your MVBs respective spending and transaction ratios over any selected time period of your choosing.

Typically your MVBs’ Average Dollar per Customer should be at least 200% greater than your median customer - if not, you need to start acquiring new MVBs and pampering those that you already have.