Flash reports allow you to create custom reports that can either be viewed on the Flash Reports tab (under Business Intelligence), or emailed to you on whatever cadence you choose. This feature allows decision makers to generate user-specific reports customized to their respective businesses.

Creating a Flash Report

Website developers familiar with JavaScript can build flash reports easily. You format the output of your Flash Reports using industry standard Markdown. This gives you free reign to make whichever report you want.

Viewing Flash Reports

You can view Flash Reports either in the application in your browser, or schedule the reports to be scheduled to your (or a stakeholder’s) email on a regular cadence.

In-App Reporting

When you view your Flash Report in the BuyerGenomics application, you can run your report against a segment or over a specified date range or a particular event - like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Date-based Reporting

Running a report over a date range calculates your report for all customers that made at least one transaction over the selected date range.

Segment-based Reporting

Running your Flash Reports against a segment allows you to specify the group of customers/prospects you want to calculate the report for. In order to use a segment you built with the Advanced Segment Builder in Flash Reporting, make sure your segment is tagged with “Report” so that it is added to the segment dropdown.

Scheduling Flash Reports

You can also schedule your Flash Reports to be delivered to you (or any stakeholder) via email on a cadence of your choosing. This gives you the ability to get all the relevant information you need to start the day delivered right to your inbox first day every morning, or to keep your team up-to-date on the latest accomplishments (or areas that need work). 

For example, you can send a report once a week to see how many new customers you acquired over that past week.

To schedule your report, click the Schedule button on the Reports List tab next to the report you wish to schedule. 

Enter the email that will receive the report, choose the days and times you want to receive the report, and select the segment over which the report will be run:

Once you schedule your report, the email you entered will receive the report on the days of the week and time specified.