The BuyerGenomics Universal Touch System automatically collects data on user’s on-site behavior. This includes where they came from and the campaign/creative content that brought them to you (i.e., the UTM parameters). BuyerGenomics automatically associates this data with a new user in your database, or creates a new user if it doesn’t already exist.

Channel X-Ray is where all of this information is reported, and is used to display the value of your promotion channels based on your visitor’s sessions and subsequent conversions.

This information includes website behavior, what initially drove them to your site, and whether or not they made any transactions because of it.

There are four different ways to view your data over any selected time range:

  1. Channel - BuyerGenomics autonomously categorizes each web visit using machine intelligence based on how the user came to the site.

  1. Medium - The type of site, ad, or method that brought the visitor to your website.

  1. Source - The list, group, or site that the customer came from.

  1. Campaign - The marketing campaign that drove the user to your site.

Channel X-Ray report also utilizes BuyerGenomics’ machine learning to determine your best performing channels, and suggest which one you should prioritize next.

BuyerGenomics will automatically show you this information, but only if you have enough data to draw a conclusion. If you don’t see any suggestions yet, don’t worry - as the BuyerGenomics Universal Touch System collects more from your site, the system will be able to learn more and present new solutions to you.