Opportunity Analysis is a way to compare all of your clusters, life stage groups, and mega clusters with each other.

Every cluster is made of a set of customers based on their demographic and psychographic information. Each has its own respective age banding, income banding, and cluster value index. 

This tool allows you to compare between a range of metrics:

  • Type

  • Name

  • Total Sales

  • Avg. Order Size

  • # of Orders/Buyers

  • % of Database

  • Customer Value Index

  • # of Consumers

  • View

The resulting information will assist you in identifying new marketing opportunities among subsets of your customer base.

In particular, the cluster value index represents the value of a customer in each group vs. the average customer in your database. Values greater than 1 mean that the customer is more valuable than average, while values less than 1 indicate less than average.

Use the drag and drop feature to select which groups of interest you wish to compare and shift them from the left to the right column. Instantly, all of the information will display above. You can then quickly sort through through it in order to determine the highest value cluster, life stage, or mega cluster.