Dynamic lookup tables allow you to customize the content of your emails with information that comes from outside of BuyerGenomics. 

For instance, you can upload and dynamically insert specific store information into emails using the Store ID as the link, or add personalized discount codes by BGID.

These can include store URLs, operating hours, and manager name. In addition, you can include zip code lookup, coupon code insertions, or any custom text based on BuyerGenomics data.

Be sure to upload all fields you want to incorporate into your creative, and be sure to include all matching “lookup” fields. 

For more detailed information, click the “Need Help?” link at the top right corner of the page.


The right side of the screen (shown above) has actions that allow you to view, manage, and delete your lookup tables. 

In the upper right, you can either select a file to use or use the drag & drop tool to upload a lookup table in the form of a comma-separated text (CSV) file.