Welcome to the November 2019 Update!

This update introduces two huge additions to BuyerGenomics: new Custom AutoPilot Actions and the majorly enhanced Support and Knowledge Base

Custom AutoPilot Actions lets you choose when users receive emails based on their individual behavior. They viewed your most expensive product? Send them more information on it! They landed on your top-converting organic landing page, but abandoned the site? Follow up with them!

The Support and Knowledge Base have always existed for your benefit - but now it’s more readily accessible than ever before. You can still submit tickets via the familiar Support button in BuyerGenomics, but now you can access the Knowledge Base articles from directly inside the application.   

New Features

  • Custom AutoPilot Actions

    • Interact with customers based on how they interact on your site

      • Content Views

        • Specific URLs

        • Any set of content pages

        • Individual articles/brands/pages

      • Category Views

        • Specific categories

        • Any set of categories

      • Product Views

        • Specific products or set of products

        • Like Window Shopping, but more specific!

    • Create your own rules and events! Get even more targeted on your visitor’s behaviors with

      • Dwell Time

      • Number of Page Views

    • Want something even more specific? Create a custom event.    

      • Supports both the Universal Touch System and RESTful API

      • Infinitely Extensible

        • Signup Forms

        • New Account Creation

        • Add to Wishlist

      • BuyerGenomics can collect whatever data you want and add it to your emails dynamically.

  • Enhanced Support and Knowledge Base

    • Access Knowledge Base help from directly inside BuyerGenomics

Improvements & Enhancements

  • More Dynamic Content

    • Category and Page View data (along with already existing Product View data)

  • Even Faster Reporting

    • Loads more than 40% faster

  • Additional Subscription Form collection

    • Have multiple forms on your site? Label them, segment, and send different messaging depending on the form.

BuyerGenomics continually grows smarter and more capable. We’re passionate and excited about delivering the future of marketing for you — a future driven by machine learning, customer intelligence, autonomous execution, and most importantly — driven by your customer.