Welcome to the January 2020 Update!

This update adds an important feature for many marketers to BuyerGenomics: new Recurring AutoPilot Actions

Recurring AutoPilot Actions lets automatically deploy important emails on a recurring basis. These emails fully support BuyerGenomics plethora of intelligent email enhancements, including dynamic variable content, making recurring AutoPilot Actions truly set-and-forget marketing.

Recurring AutoPilot Actions can even be used for non-marketing purposes, such as administrative tasks and reminders. Send a reminder for your customers to pay off their store card monthly bill, or give them a “month-in-review” newsletter populated dynamic content.  

New Features

  • Recurring AutoPilot Actions

    • Send recurring monthly email streams on a regular cadence to your email list.

    • Set up your recurring schedule custom to your needs:

      • Daily

      • Weekly (e.g., Every Sunday)

      • Monthly (e.g., by day, like the first and third Monday of every month, or by date, like every 1st, 10th, and 16th of each month)

      • Yearly (using any combination of date, month, or day)

    • Send the recurring emails to your whole email list, or get more targeted by sending to any segment or cohort.

  • Updated Unsubscribe Pages
    • New and modern look and feel for all unsubscribe pages
    • Host your own custom CSS for additional customizability

Improvements & Enhancements

  • Additional email address checking, to keep your email list clean and deliverability high

  • Added reCaptcha to keep your accounts even more secure 

BuyerGenomics continually grows smarter and more capable. We’re passionate and excited about delivering the future of marketing for you — a future driven by machine learning, customer intelligence, autonomous execution, and most importantly — driven by your customer.