If you either choose to not use Drag and Drop Creative Builder or have emails already created outside of the platform, you can upload creatives (in the form of HTML or ZIP files) directly to the BuyerGenomics Content Distribution Network (CDN).

BuyerGenomics email uploader supports 2 types of files:

  • HTML - This should have absolute links to the images you want to load.

  • ZIP - This should contain the HTML, images, and their relative links.

When you upload a ZIP file into BuyerGenomics, it will automatically load your images to the CDN, parse your HTML, and update your relative links to point to the images uploaded to the CDN.

In addition, you have the option to Supercharge your image on the CDN:

Supercharging your file decreases the load time and latency, so that your emails load faster and deliver your content to your users in as little time as possible.

File Requirements


The HTML must contain clean HTML code that represents the email creative you wish to send.

  • The HTML code cannot contain any JavaScript code.

  • The <title> tag content will be used to determine the subject line of the creative.

  • The HTML file name will be used as the name of the creative in BuyerGenomics.

For example, if you upload the file test_1.html and the HTML code contains <title>This is my creative</title>, the uploader will create a new creative that will be named "test_1" and the subject line will be "This is my creative". The name and the subject line can be edited after the upload is completed.

ZIP File

The ZIP file must contain one HTML file and the folders and image files that will be used in the HTML file.  The image references in the HTML file must point to the relative location of the images. 

When uploading a ZIP file to BuyerGenomics:

  • The uploader will extract the HTML file and use it to create a new creative

  • All folders and images will be extracted to BuyerGenomics' CDN

  • All image tags in the HTML will be updated to that CDN.

For example, if the ZIP file contains the following structure,


     │ black friday.html

     └─── images

         └─── button.png   

         └─── logo.jpeg

then "black friday.html" will be used for creative content and a new folder "black friday/images" will be created on our CDN and all images will be copied there.

The HTML content will be updated as follows: 

<img src="images/logo.jpg" />

 will change to 

<img src="https://cdn.domain.com/111/black%20 friday/images/logo.jpg" />

<img src="images/button.png" />

 will change to 

<img src="https://cdn.domain.com/111/black%20 friday/images/button.png" />

Tracking Pixels

If the <img /> tag contains an attribute exclude=1 or has both width=1 and height=1, this image will be recognized as a tracking pixel and will not be added to the CDN. All tracking pixels that are marked properly with width=1 and height=1 will be kept untouched in the HTML. Similarly, all dynamic images that cannot be stored in our CDN must be marked as exclude=1.

Editing Uploaded Files

If you upload a file to BuyerGenomics and want to edit your creative further, see our article on Building Email Creatives for more information.