BuyerGenomics allows for a wide variety of testing for your email campaigns. You can control the type of test, email rollout, win criteria, and even sample size - this guide will walk you through, step-by-step, how to set up your A/B test. (You can find more information on best practices for your A/B test here.)

For the test type, you can run either: 

  • A subject line test; or 
  • A creative content test.

For the email rollout, you can: 

  • Split Test, where BuyerGenomics will evenly split the target and deploy Email A to one half, and Email B to the other half; or 
  • Test-and-Roll, where BuyerGenomics will run the test to a subset of your target, collect data, and then send the best creative to the remainder of the target. 

1. Select “Yes” for “Run an A/B Test?”


2. Choose your creatives. 

  • If you are running a subject line test, select just one creative.


  • If you are running a creative content test, select two creatives.


3. Click "Configure Test" to add additional testing details.


  • If you are setting up a subject line test, you must continue to this step to choose your two subject lines. 
  • If you are setting up a creative content test, this step is optional - you may proceed with the default settings or configure your test yourself. 

4. If you are running a subject line test, click the pencil icon to set your subject lines. 


5. Select the total size of the test group. 

  • If you want to run a Split Test, move the slider to 100%.


  • Any other test size will allow you to perform a Test-and-Roll.


6. If you are running a Test-and-Roll...

  • Choose your win criteria. You can choose one of: 
    • Number of Opens
    • Number of Clicks
    • Click-Through Rate
    • Number of Conversions


  • Set the Test Duration
    • BuyerGenomics will wait the number of selected hours to collect data, and then send the best creative to the rest of the target.


Once you have configured your A/B test, you can then set up the rest of your campaign as normal. 

Your test schedule will display both Email A and Email B in the campaign overview.


If you are running an Test-and-Roll, the winning creative will also be displayed, indicated by a crown symbol.