Your Most Valuable Buyers (or, your MVBs) are a key segment you must consider. These are the customers that spend more money on your products more often than the rest of your customer base. 

To segment by your MVBs:

  1. Navigate to My Segments and click add a new segment in the upper right hand corner:
  2. Under “Add a dimension to your segment,” click User Data and select Tag from the top scroll bar.
  3. Select Contains MVB, and click OK.Capture_1.PNG

Now you have your MVBs segmented in BuyerGenomics, and can use them for email, lookalike acquisitions, direct mail, or separate analytics.

Further Customizing Your MVBs

Not all MVBs are created equal - each has a score indicating their level of value. (In fact, every customer in your database has this score.) You can use this score to identify MVBs with an even higher value than the rest

While still in the Segment Builder, follow these steps:

  1. Under “Add a dimension to your segment,” click Scores:

  2. Select Amount Score and enter your desired value (e.g. Greater than 1.5):

All MVBs have a score greater than 1. The greater the score, the more valuable the customer. 

Theoretically, this number score could go as high as you want, but we wouldn’t recommend going any greater than 5, as this would likely produce a segment with an insufficient number of customers.

For more on segmentation, check out this article.