New customer acquisition is an incredibly valuable part of any business - so it’s important to know how to leverage your data to optimize your acquisition. One of the easiest and most intelligent ways to do this today is through look-alike modeling, offered by most of the modern advertising networks.

Once you’ve decided on your high-value look-alike group - whether it’s your Most Valuable Buyers (MVBs) or your own custom segment - you are ready to generate this look-alike group and upload it to your ad network of choice.

Using My Segments

Once you have evaluated which segment you would like to use for your look-alike target, give your segment a good name, save it, and click on the Export button. You will be presented with a few different export options:


These are all ready made export files for whichever system or network you are using for acquisition.

While you can use your own custom look-alike targets by using My Segments, BuyerGenomics uses your customer intelligence to pre-build valuable acquisition targets for you - including your Smart Segments (such as MVBs and Frequent Buyers) and Buyer Lifecycle (Active and In-Market).

Using Opportunity Radar

Opportunity Radar allows you to use different metrics to quickly find a valuable group of customers - or identify those that are not. 

For a good look-alike target, we recommend the groups highlighted in green. These are your high-value customers.


You can combine the green blocks together for one larger look-alike target, though it’s often more valuable to use each target individually so that you can test into the best target.

Once you have selected which cells you want to use, check your acquisition target size, and click the export button.



You will have the same options ready-made export options here for Facebook, Google, and Standard. 

Once you have exported your look-alike target, you are now ready to upload into your ad network and watch the new customers come in. 

For more on segmentation, check out this article.