Multiple impressions across channels can heighten your brand awareness and increase the likelihood of sales. As a high-value and, in the age of digital - a unique touch - direct mail can be a powerful complement to email and other forms of digital messaging. 

Direct mail is much more expensive than email - so it is even more critical to target high value customers and prospects that will actually convert. For instance, sending duplicate mailings to multiple members of the same household can be a waste of money and resources, depending on your direct mail strategy.

BuyerGenomics has the ability to export and automatically de-duplicate customers on a household level for your direct mail drops. 

Here are two ways you can achieve this:

Create a Direct Mail Target Using My Segments

If you have chosen which segment you would like to de-duplicate for your direct mail campaign, give your segment a good name, and save it. 

If you’re not sure where to start when choosing your target, BuyerGenomics provides you with pre-built, high-value customer segments by using your customer intelligence. This includes your Smart Segments (such as MVBs and Frequent Buyers) and Buyer Lifecycle (Active and In-Market).

From there,  click on the “Export” button and select “Direct mail list.”


The resulting file will contain all of the address information you will need to start your campaign - including the recipient name and mailing address.

Create a Direct Mail Target Using Opportunity Radar

Opportunity Radar allows you to use different metrics to quickly find a valuable group of customers - or identify those who are not.

For a valuable, responsive direct mail target, we recommend the groups highlighted in green. These are your high-value customers.


While you can combine the green blocks together for one larger direct mail group, it’s often more valuable to select each target individually so that you can test into the best target.

Once you have selected which cells you want to use, check your direct mail segment size, and click the “Create Postal File” button.


You will now have your segment properly deduplicated by household and ready to send for direct mail.

Fore more on Segmentation, check out this article on Creating Custom Segments.