When you acquire a new customer and they make their first purchase, you now have a new Trial Buyer. Also called 1x Buyers, these individuals are new to your brand, and need to have a great experience such that they come back and become a multi-time buyer. It is critical to convert Trial buyers to multi-time buyer as you have a more loyal and higher value customer. If you fail to convert to a second purchase, the individual leaves your brand, and you are left without a potentially valuable customer.

The best way to convert your Trial Buyers is to use BuyerGenomics AutoPilot in the form of a New Buyer Series.  This series will go into effect whenever you acquire a new customer, and establish communications to build loyalty and create multi-time buyers.

The following are our best practices for setting up a New Buyer Series:

AutoPilot Messaging Strategy: Secure the Second Purchase

Target: New Buyers (also called Trial or 1x Buyers)

This is the customer’s first experience with the brand. Since they are new, they might not know much about who you are. In turn, this is your chance to build customer loyalty and make sure they stick with you.

Campaign Strategy

Message Stream

Appreciation Touch → Brand and Category Education  → Perceived Value Offer


A customer’s value increases significantly with repeat purchases. This is your shot to make sure they enjoy their experience with the brand and increase the chances they’ll convert from a 1x Buyer to a loyal 2+ Buyer.


Show appreciation and incite the new buyer towards a second purchase. The goal is to keep them with the brand and purchase as soon as possible.

The following are examples of strategies, themes, and subject lines that illustrate the overall “Secure the Second Purchase” strategy.

Touch Example 1: Customer Appreciation (Strategy: Recognition)


Going beyond the typical “sales confirmation email,” the Customer Appreciation touch is a way for you to demonstrate appreciation for a customer’s business and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Messaging Theme

A good example is a brief note from your company’s CEO or President. This is not a “hard sell” touch. Instead, tell your brand story briefly in a way that connects the customer to your brand.

Subject Line

Thanks for being part of of the Luscious Couture Family of Customers


Touch Example 2. Learn About The Brand (Strategy: Grow Category Depth)


Exposing the customer to the depth within the categories that they’ve previously purchased will reinforce both the brand and the products that peaked their interest.

Messaging Theme

This is to educate customers about the variety within particular products and categories in which they’ve already demonstrated interest. Examples include similar products or different styles of the same product.

Subject Line Example

Love Your Luscious Couture Silver Bracelet? Check our our…

Copy Example

Unique Bracelets. Handcrafted with color and style


Touch Example 3. Category Education (Strategy: Grow Category Breadth)


Exposing customers to different categories increases their chances of buying across multiple ones. Category breadth is a proven predictor of higher customer value and spending.

Messaging Theme

This is to educate customers about your products and new offerings. Examples include showcasing a new line of items, or introducing customers to a product they may not have heard of before.

Subject Line Examples

  • Introducing Luscious Couture Products
  • Luscious Couture is not just a Shoes Company

Copy Example

So much more than just shoes...


Touch Example 4. Free Shipping (Strategically Stimulate Bounce-back Purchases)


This is an opportunity to encourage the customer to make a purchase by using a perceived or light offer to incentivize them. This moves the customer closer to buying without having to offer a discount.


Use perceived value or existing incentives like free shipping. The goal is not to give up margin, but to present an existing offer - which can be either real or perceived.

Subject Line Examples

Free shipping for our VIP customers

Copy Example

Free shipping for our very best customers. Get free shipping on any purchase today.



Trial Buyers are a good thing to have, so long as you convert them to the second purchase. Automating this process with AutoPilot proves to be effective at starting your customer's experience with your brand the right way. Doing this creates a loyal buyer, that will go on to make multiple and sustained purchases.