There are two different types of campaigns marketers typically use: scheduled (i.e., those on a marketing calendar) and automated (triggered, recurring, or machine intelligence-generated - a particularly powerful one). 

BuyerGenomics allows you to deploy both types of campaigns. 

Scheduled Campaigns are generally used for one-off drops or like product announcements and updates, or for larger calendar campaigns, such as seasonal sales.

AutoPilot Campaigns are an automated series of drops that use machine intelligence to determine when to send your emails on an individual, personalized basis. These can be used for Buyer Lifecycle (BLC), Abandoned Cart, and Window Shopping campaigns.

Setting Up a New Campaign

When designing a new campaign, you are allowed to use any target within BuyerGenomics to deploy your message at any date and time.

To get started, go to the Campaigns menu and click the “New Campaign” button in the top right of the screen. Once you are in the campaign builder, you can choose whether you are setting up a Scheduled campaign or an AutoPilot campaign.


Select the campaign type that best suits the needs of your campaign. More details are provided below for setting up each campaign type.  

Scheduled Campaigns

Scheduled campaigns give you the option to choose any segment you’ve made as your target, and any calendar date as your send date.

To add your first drop, click the “Add First Drop” button in the middle of the screen. For each drop, you can: 

  1. Select the target. You can use any segment you’ve previously created in BuyerGenomics as your target.

2. Choose your creative.

3. Schedule Deployment. For scheduled campaigns, you can choose any calendar date for your campaign.


Below is an example of a scheduled campaign ready to drop, listing the selected target, creative, and the time of send.


Once you have finished building your campaign, click the “Deploy” button in the upper right corner of the screen. BuyerGenomics will then deploy the campaign on the dates you set for your campaign.

Autopilot Campaigns

AutoPilot campaigns are machine intelligence-driven rather than calendar-driven. BuyerGenomics watches as people move through BLC or perform actions on your site, and responds accordingly.

By the nature of this type of campaign, AutoPilot campaigns don’t require a specific calendar date - it will send the mail relative to when BuyerGenomics recognizes a customer event. Instead, you can set how long the campaign will be active using the Campaign Duration.


When you are ready to add your messages, click the “Add First Drop” button. To set up your message, you: 

  1. Select target. You can choose any of the AutoPilot Actions that BuyerGenomics will recognize and respond to.


2. Choose Creative. 

3. Schedule Deployment. For AutoPilot campaigns you can let BuyerGenomics automatically deploy your creative when it recognizes the event, or you can set how many days to wait to deploy the message.


Once you have finished building your campaign, click the “Deploy” button in the upper right corner of the screen. BuyerGenomics will then deploy the campaign whenever it recognizes the event.


Now that your campaigns are all set up and deployed, you can view them in the Campaign Analytics section and monitor their performance in Campaign X-Ray - and watch the revenue come in.

AutoPilot campaigns are a powerful way to provide consistent and relevant outreach to your customer, while Scheduled campaigns allow you to execute your marketing calendar and drive your traditional sales and events. 

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