The Drag & Drop Creative Builder is a simple, swift way to utilize common creative elements that build unique and on-brand emails in a matter of minutes.

You can drag and drop images, animated gifs, videos, and other content directly from your computer to your creatives - whether you are adding to a pre-existing template, or starting from scratch.

This tutorial covers all of the aspects of this exciting feature.

Adding images 

The Drag & Drop builder makes it easy to add images - just upload or drag a new image into the designated area where you want to place it.



You also have the ability to apply a range of special effects to your images.



You can also add buttons and clickable images to help guide your customers towards a purchase. To do so, click  the “Button” icon and drag it wherever you want in the template.


You can customize your CTA button anyway you like, including color, size, alignment, font, and of course, the link.


Window Shopping

Window shopping occurs when a potential buyer browses your site, but never commits to a purchase. With this feature, you can send reminders of products that were viewed - and it’s as easy as dragging the Product widget into your email and selecting the display option.


In addition, the built-in Window Shop Widget includes a range of further customization choices.


Abandoned Carts 

Also widely beneficial for retargeting, the Abandoned Cart feature can be used when a prospective buyer added one or more items into their online cart, but did not follow through with the full transaction.

A well-crafted, timely reminder email can serve as the final nudge to convince a customer to make a final purchase.

Like most of the dynamic variable content you can implement, you can add a cart to your email simply by dragging the Cart widget into the template. Then customize the image to show the products listed in their cart.


Multiple Columns

You also have the ability to incorporate multiple columns into your design, which affords a versatile array of layout options. 

When you click and drag the “Columns” button into the template, you are presented with a variety of arrangements to choose from.


Once you select your desired alignment, you can select creative content to drag into each column by clicking the “Add Content” button.





On Brand Design

Your brand probably has a specific font and color, email width, and layout, which will have to be consistent throughout your email. With the Drag & Drop email builder, you can edit all of these with the click of a button. 

Navigate to the Body option on the right side of the builder, and you’ll see the email options at your disposal:


These will modify the style throughout your email, so that you don’t have to individually change the font and style for each individual piece of text. 

Of course, once you’ve created your on-brand email, you can save it as a template so that you can build your creatives in a matter of seconds.


The Drag & Drop Creative Builder is a versatile, multifaceted, dynamic feature that gives you full control over every virtually every aspect of your creative messaging. Plus, its straightforward, easy-to-use framework allows you to design and deploy timely, relevant, professional messages that are highly likely to convert.