Objective: what is the goal of this segment?  Start by defining what you are looking for to build a segment.  

Example Segment: All Customers with 2 or more Transactions

  • From the dashboard, click “+Create Segment”

  • Name Your Segment: All Customers with 2+ Transactions

  •  Create a Tag. This helps to categorize your segments based on your business needs. You can have more than one tag per segment.

  •  Build Segment Using Desired Criteria.  In this example, we want to see that lifetime transactions are greater than 2 (LTD = life to date)

  •  Select “Calculate” to get a count of the number of customers who fall into this criteria.
  • A green box with the count will appear on the upper right hand corner. 

  •  Select “Preview” to confirm the segment is returning the information you want to view

  • Here we can confirm in the rightmost column that all users have more than 2 transactions

  • You can add a description of your segment in the Description Box which will appear in the tooltip in your “My Segments” list of segments.  Once you enter the details of the description, you need to click on the “check” icon to save the description.

  •  Finally, export the list in the format best suited for your needs:

  • Standard: pulls all customer info (email, address, BGID) fields included in the segment
  • Email List: pulls only names with email included. Returns email, first name, last name, gender and segment fields.  For use with all ESPs.
  • Direct Mail List: pulls only names with addresses. Includes first name, last name, gender, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip, country.