Setting up BuyerGenomics AutoPilot allows you to keep a close eye on your customer base, respond to sales opportunities in real time, and prevent reductions in both customer loyalty and value.

Ultimately, it allows you to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. 

The Buyer Lifecycle & AutoPilot

BuyerGenomics utilizes customer transaction history, intent, and behavioral data to calculate your customers’ Buyer Lifecycle (BLC) - which refers to the natural purchase cadence of each individual within your customer database. Every customer across every brand has their own personal cadence - whether they be a monthly buyer, yearly buyer, or more sporadic in nature. BLC describes exactly where in that purchase cycle they reside.

AutoPilot works hand-in-hand with your customers’ BLC to deliver the most relevant messages whenever they change between these stages, which proves to be the most relevant time, maximizing the probability that they will purchase again with your brand.

Catching individuals before the become Faders or At-Risks is critical in to keeping them loyal with your brand, and prevents them from fading to inactivity. Of course you can set up a drop to all of your Faders, but you won't be able to reach customers before the enter the stage in the first place.


BLC Stages

BuyerGenomics uses 6 distinct BLC stages to identify each customer’s level of engagement with your brand. 5 are for buyers, while the last is for Prospects (individuals who have not yet bought with you).


Actives (Actively Engaged or Recently Purchased)

Actives are customers who are new to your brand and your repeat customers. They have made a relatively recent purchase and are actively engaged with your brand.

In Markets (Expected to Make a Purchase)

In Markets are customers that are expected to make a purchase now (or at least in the very short term). BuyerGenomics uses previous buying behavior and time series data, among other engagement data, to make this prediction.

Faders (Missed an Expected Purchase)

Faders are customers who have statistically missed more than one expected purchase window, and are now fading in loyalty.

At Risk (At Risk of Attrition, Yet Can Be Reactivated)

These customers are at risk of abandoning the brand, or total attrition. These individuals are not lost forever - they can and have to be reactivated. 

Inactives (Lapsed into Attrition)

These customers are no longer buying, and are the most difficult to reactivate through the same channels you have previously used. In some cases, it’s more beneficial to treat those that visit your site or respond to emails as new prospects rather than as existing buyers.

Prospects (Have not bought yet)

These individuals are people who are on your email list, but have not made a purchase with you yet. You have collected their email through a form on your website or another method, but they have not bought with your company. We want to "activate" these individuals, and turn them into customers. See the BuyerGenomics help article on Prospect Activation for this.

BG AutoPilot works whenever someone changes between stages, whether that is a In-Market to Fader or Inactive to Active. You need to have a unique creative for each distinct change, that communicates a message relevant to the action taken (or not taken) by the individual.

Using BLC Analytics for “AutoPilot Training”


AutoPilot automatically detects changes in buying behavior for each individual customer in real time.

Each BLC stage warrants a different approach when customers move between stages. Therefore, design each message with a certain predetermined strategy in mind.

Each AutoPilot campaign needs at least four creatives for each shift - but you can add as many more as you like. Develop each message with a strategy in mind to maximize the value of each engagement and drive positive results.

Equipped with your pre-built messages, AutoPilot activates your campaign and engages each individual all on its own.

Set Up AutoPilot for Your BLC

To set up your AutoPilot campaign, simply go to the AutoPilot Actions tab, and add any and all campaigns you wish. You can pause or edit an AutoPilot campaign at any time, as well as see how you campaigns are performing.


Understanding the indicators that are most likely to create sales is essential to building successful campaigns. AutoPilot helps you accomplish this by autonomously detecting shifts across BLC stages, and automatically deploying tailored messages that are most likely to stimulate subsequent purchases that are critical for both customer loyalty and retention.