Collecting a new email and therefor a person that is interested in your brand is a great thing, and essential to growing your email list and customer base. However, a new and interested person does not always mean a new buyer. New "prospects" need to be nurtured into a purchase by familiarizing them with your brand over a series of touches.

A way to "activate" this name is to set up a BuyerGenomics AutoPilot series aimed specifically at this unique group. You can call this a "Email Sign Up Series" or "New Prospect Activation Series", but you want to make this automated and unique to this type of individual. 

You want leave some time between emails, so you do not overwhelm your new subscriber. The first should go out right away, but leaving a few days or even a week or two between helps ease your subscriber into your brand. 

As well, you want to ensure that all emails communicate your brand in a clear way.  It is also important that these emails have a clear Call To Action, such as a Shop Now or Redeem Your Code, to increase the chances your subscriber takes action. Lastly, as with all emails, subject lines, timing, and offers are all critical.

Below are best practices of what a Prospect Activation series should contain. Not all examples need to be used and can be in a different order then listed, but they are helpful in converting a new name to a new customer.

1. The "Thank You" Email

The first touch you have with a new email sign up is to send a quick "thank you" to the individual. The content of this email can vary, but it needs to include a thank you and confirmation of their sign up, a quick introduction to the brand, and perhaps an offer such as a discount code.

This email should be sent out right away, so your brand is fresh in their head.

2. Branded Content

One email to include in this series is one that features some form of branded content. This varies, but could include an explainer video, blog post, news featuring or press release, and other content that gets the individual to become familiar with your brand.

The purpose of this is to familiarize your brand in the eyes of the individual. If you have a social cause, mission statement, or other aspects unique to your brand, it is best to highlight those here.

3. An Offer

This message is all about the offer. Generally this should not be the first email you send, but it is meant to grab their attention and give them an incentive to make their first purchase with you. The offer can be a discount code or free shipping, but the purpose is to provide more motivation for the individual to buy.

It is more than okay to include offers in your Prospect Activation series, but overusing them can train customers to buy only on a discount. Don't go to heavy, just enough to incentivize them to buy.

4. Product Featurings

The purpose of this message is to introduce your products to the new subscriber. Highlight your best sellers and new products, this way the individual sees what people frequently purchase and what makes your brand unique. This email could include discount, but is not required.

You want to show off to a new subscriber what you offer. Your best selling products are one of the best ways to do this, as it shows them what others have bought, and lets them know what makes your brand recognizable.


Turning a new subscriber into a new customer is essential for your customer acquisition efforts, and for growing your brand. Setting up a Prospect Activation series with AutoPilot will help you add new buyers, and start them on a healthy journey with your brand, turning them into loyal and valuable customers. 

These individuals are already familiar with your brand and have shown interest, you just need to push them a little bit, and keep your brand at top of mind.