Window shopping is a powerful tool that tracks real-time customer behavior on your website in order to calculate the intent of each visitor. BuyerGenomics then uses this intent data to autonomously send targeted emails designed to draw customers back to your site by highlighting their most desired products. 

How Does Window Shopping Work?

When a person visits your website, a range of factors - including dwell time and the amount of times a product or category was viewed - are used to identify the items with the highest rate of intent to buy. 

If a person shows clear intent while browsing your products (even if they don’t add them to their cart), AutoPilot deploys personalized messages that encourage further action - with a high rate of conversion. 

BuyerGenomics dynamically inserts the product into your Window Shopping emails by utilizing its Universal Touch system to collect the name of each product, associated images, and its landing page - no complicated creative design is needed on your part.

All of this information is used to dynamically generate an email showing an image and description of the viewed product(s), along with a Call To Action (CTA) link to the product landing page. From there, all the recipient has to do is click the button and be one step step away from checking out and making their purchase.

Window Shopping Setup

1. Ensure your Universal Touch System is live

The BuyerGenomics Universal Touch System tracks your users’ behavior across your site, and is typically set up as part of initial onboarding. 

If you have not already set up your Universal Touch System, contact your account manager for implementation details.

2. Build your Window Shopping Email

You can easily build your personalized Window Shopping email templates within a matter of minutes using BuyerGenomics’ Drag & Drop Creative Builder.


3. Deploy Your Window Shopping Campaign

Deploy your Window Shopping Campaign by setting up a new AutoPilot campaign.

Choose “Window Shopping” as your action, then add your creatives to build out your series.

We recommend sending your email at the time of the event. Since these are intent based emails, your response time is key!

4. Enable Your Window Shopping Action in AutoPilot

Click Email Campaigns and go to AutoPilot Actions. Like all other AutoPilot Actions, Window Shopping can be enabled by simply clicking the “Enable” button next to the right of the “Window Shopping” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once your AutoPilot campaign is set up, you will see a green number 1 under “Running Campaigns.”


BuyerGenomics’ employs Window Shopping to analyze customer behavior and facilitate purchases. The end result is higher conversion rates and greater revenue for your business.