The My Segments tab allows you to create, view, and export all of the targets you wish to create for email, direct mail, Facebook, Google, or any other omnichannel marketing strategy you are currently working on.

This screen houses any of the custom segments you have built on your own in the BuyerGenomics app, along with any of the segments automatically generated by BuyerGenomics - including the BG Smart Segments and Buyer Lifecycle segments.


Next to your list of segments, there are a number of actions you can take. You can 

  • Edit/View, which will bring you into the segment builder

  • Copy, which will make a copy of the selected segment for quick modifications; 

  • Quick Drop to effortlessly deploy an email to any segment of your choice; or 

  • Delete it, if you no longer need the segment.

Segment Size

Each segment has a size - i.e., the number of people who are in that segment. 

The segment size is updated every day, so it always reports the most accurate number of customers in each of your segments. 

You can also recalculate your segments at any time.


Assigning tags to each segment makes them easier to organize, locate and group together.

You can add new tags to any segment at any time. The tags will always appear in the tag cloud to the right of your list of segments.

To filter your segments by tag, simply click the tag in the cloud you would like to see, and BuyerGenomics will automatically show only the relevant segments.

Creating New Segments

If you ever need to create a new segment, just click the “Create New” button in the upper right corner, which will send you to the new segment builder. If you’re not sure what kind of segment you’d like to build, you can see a few examples of recommended segment ideas.